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Jubilee: 50 years POLYPLAN
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For more than 50 years PPW-POLYPLAN-WERKZEUGE GmbH delivers injection packer for concrete repairing, sealing and reconstruction of buildings.

In 1975 the first injection packers 1017 were produced according to customer requirements and already 1978 PPW overtook the first pending patent for these packers.

The first injection pump in form of a piston pump has been constructed 1977. The development of the injection pump R1001 is based on the idea, to be able to inject simply and easy without heavy machines.

Thereby the production is in Germany, PPW is able to manufacture quickly according to customer wishes. Out of the standard program PPW distributes in more than 65 countries ex stock. Since 2011 PPW has the status AEO (authorised economic operator), which secures fast exports.

The second part of the large range of products covers tools and equipment for processing liquid plastic coatings and for laminating glas-fibre and epoxy with Gfk.

An additional program "building-examaniation-equipment" consists of measuring tools for oberserving and monitoring of cracks and alterations of surfaces.

This is how you can combine packers and accessory equipment.


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