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Examination set for old and new coatings on concrete

Order no.: 1290

  • Zoom: Examination set for old and new coatings on concrete

  • Item description

    The examination set (1290) helps you by to recognise the used basis of a coating and to the estimate its adhesion.

    To determine the structure of the coating, first make the pad-check. At this you drip dilution C on a pad and put it onto the coating. After a short period of time you can take conclusions, on the basis of the residues on the wadpad, about the structure of the coating.

    In the second step, the adhesion of the coating is estimated according to DIN EN ISO 2409 by the grid-cutting method. For this you cut the surface through the grid-cutting-ruler each 4 mm crosswise. The residual structure of the coating will be compared to a list of grid-cutting parameters, so you can come to conclusions about the adhesion of the coating.

    Both tests serve as assistance for measures for surface preparation and finally for deciding on the media for further processing.


    from 212,00 EUR excl. Vat.

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    Item details

    Examination set for old and new coatings packed
    in a plastic box

    Complete with wadpads and dilution C, grid-cutting ruler, knife, scotch tape, brush and ball point pen for documentation. We also deliver a handbook, using instructions and drawing-form for documentation of the results.




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