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Testing the absorption of liquids
PLEYER'S Test Tube PLEYER'S Test Tube Water Penetration Tester

PLEYER'S Test Tube for vertical surfaces, 30 mm dia.

Order No.: PP30S

PLEYER'S Test Tube for vertical surfaces, 30 mm dia. | click to enlarge
The test tubes are supplied separately, packed in a carton made from foamed material. This carton also holds a separate folding box containing 6 putty strips for securing purposes.
German Patent

For non-destructive analysis of the driving rain tightness of facades respectively for testing the absorption of building materials the Karsten Test Tube has been used so far. The PLEYERS`S Test Tube bases upon the Karsten Test Tube, but more detailed and surface parallel penetration processes can be ascertained.

The outer arranged liquids chamber (see blue part of the drawing), which surroundes the building material surface (see red part of the drawing), which should be tested proper, will be filled up immediately before the inner circular area with the test liquid, Thereby the test liquid cannot flow sideways, now the absorption of the building material can be ascertained more axactly in relation to the inner circular area.

Apart from this, the graduation (ltr./mē) applied to the inner gauge pipe provides a direct indication of the water absorption coefficient of the building material
(s. DIN 52 617).

When applying the so-called 'root-t'-law, the water absorption coefficient of the building material (dimension l/(mē √h) may be determined after a period of only 15 minutes. For this purpose, the reading of the amount of water having penetrated into the building material is to be multiplied by a factor of 2.

Furthermore, the PLEYER'S Test Tube may also be used for quality assurance purposes of impregnation processes (water repellent finishing). In this case, for instance, the water repellent finishing is applied as the test liquid. The degree for absorption of the subsurface may be estimated and, by referring to the functional correlation of the absorbed amount/penetration depth, may be more easily assessed.

PLEYER'S Test Tubes are supplied in various sizes:

Please notice that you have to choose a test tube which inner circle surface is at least 3 times greater than the graine diameter of your building material!

For plaster, mortar, masonry mortar, bricks, sand-lime brick, porous concrete, natural stone and flooring plaster
(max. graine diameter 8 mm) = 30 mm diameter of the Test Tube.


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