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Packer element 13 mm

Order No.: V13P

Packer element 13 mm | click to enlarge
thread M 6,
made of steel,
fitting on pressure elements V13D, V13DL, V13DLL, V13DF and V13DLF
TWO-PART COMPOSITE PACKERS as an alternative for injection packers

Both parts can be combined differently, thus there is a variety of possible applications!

Composite packers are suitable for low pressure and high pressure, due to a low opening pressure of circa 1-2 bar. The advantage is both the saving of time as described below, and that the pressure elements can be used repeatedly.
Handling and pressing is the same as with the service-proven drill-hole packers.
The decisive advantage: the pressure element (front part) can be removed after injection without any loss of pressure while, the drill hole can be closed straight away.

This means: less time and labour must be expended.
The pressure element, if cleaned well, may be used again more than 5 times.
Lowering the packer element is simple because of pressure elements being available in varying lengths.
The composite packer can be retightened (as opposed to the impact packing element), thus there is no interruption of the injection process.
Another advantage is the fact that the composite packer can be subjected to much higher pressure than a packer with a pretermined breaking point.


Order No.: (V13P)
dia. in mm 13
length in mm 50

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