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For more than 40 years now PPW-POLYPLAN-WERKZEUGE GmbH has been known world-wide both for its activities in the field of concrete crack grouting and as suppliers of tools and equipment for the processing of liquid synthetic materials.

The special PPW-POLYPLAN-WERKZEUGE GmbH catalogue (injection program) offers a comprehensive range of injection equipment for the grouting and sealing of cracks in concrete and masonry. Our production facilities located in Germany ensure quick delivery including tailor-made solutions to customer specifications.


In the event of cracks in concrete parts there is need of fast action ...

First the cracks have to be drilled, in case of linear course of the cracks directly, in case of diagonal course of the cracks lateral staggered.

For our plastic-injection-packer (K2010) you have to drill about 8 cm minimum. It is important to clean the drill holes carefully, best of all is to blow it out with compressed air.

Packer setting: The plastic-injectionpacker (K2010) will be set manually into the hole including the black rubber.

The leading plate of the settingclamp- tool (K2001) will be thrusted easily over the nipple-head of the plastic-injection-packer and arrested. By working the handle the black rubber will be pushed over the shaft of the packer to the top and clamped into the drill hole. The packer is clamped solid in the bore hole.

Carefully seal the cracks thereby no synthetic resin can penetrate out of unwanted spots.

The packer is seated now firmly in the drill hole so you can inject with a normal nipple gripper with up to 200 bar pressure. The injection medium flows out of the packer beneath the red rubber and prevents the backflow of the material. After hardening of the medium the packer can easily by shortened.

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