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POLYPLAN: Tools for liquid plastics, glas-fibre reinforce and liquid plastic coating

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Highlights from our tool portfolio

POLYPLAN Spiked roller

Laminating and airing roller

POLYPLAN Spiked roller

Order no.: 3807L

POLYPLAN Spiked Roller is used to prevent uneveness when coating with liquid plastics containing solvents. After coating it is used to remove trapped air bubbles after coating. The spiked roller is made of solvent-resistant plastic. It has a plastic impregnated core of hard paper and so the roller will remain stiff.
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Mobile dispersion hobbit

Filling, mixing, emptying

Mobile dispersion hobbit

Order no.: 175

German utility model: By means of the mobile dispersion hoppit (175) it is really easy to materials for floor coating e.g. liquid plastics on surfaces. Up to now, liquid plastics have been poured from a mixing container onto the surface by two workers bending down. Due to the construction of the dispersion hoppit, it is possible for only one worker to apply up to 100 kg of the material while the second worker spreads the material with a scraper - this saves labour and is spine-friendly.
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Mobile dispersion hobbit
Large area roller

Roller and brushes

Large area roller

Order no.: 3160P

Hard-wearing design, approx. 50 mm ~2 inch internal diameter. The core is made of solvent-resistant, plastic saturated hard paper. The advantage compared to a plastic tube is, that the roller will remain stiff. The roller does not wield, does not deform and the liquid coatings are not shifted. Note: Fitting on U-shaped roller frame 3240U, 3260U e.g. 3299U.
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Spiked wheel for wheelbarrow

Walking on floors

Spiked wheel for wheelbarrow

Order no.: 35

So your wheelbarrow leaves no marks on fresh coatings, we supply you with the spiked wheel (35) made of steel, complete with 180 spikes. Outer diameter approx. 260 mm ~10 13/32 inch. The spiked has an axle of 100 mm ~4 inch width by default for standard wheelbarrows. If your wheelbarrow has a different axle width of the front wheel, we produce any size you require. Both spiked feet for the supporting legs (35F) of the wheelbarrow are included in the price.
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Spiked wheel for wheelbarrow

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All items Laminating and airing roller
All items Walking on floors
All items Coating and smoothing
All items Filling, mixing, emptying
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POLYPLAN: Known worldwide for concrete crack grouting

Production location Germany - Made in Germany

For more than 50 years now PPW-POLYPLAN-WERKZEUGE GmbH has been known world-wide both for its activities in the field of concrete crack grouting and as suppliers of tools and equipment for the processing of liquid synthetic materials.

The special PPW-POLYPLAN-WERKZEUGE GmbH catalogue (injection program) offers a comprehensive range of injection equipment for the grouting and sealing of cracks in concrete and masonry. Our production facilities located in Germany ensure quick delivery including tailor-made solutions to customer specifications.

The second part of the extensive range of products covers tools and equipment for the processing of liquid synthetic materials, such as polyester, epoxy resin, polyurethane resin and acrylic resin with and without reinforcement for shaped parts and for coating applications.

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Download the latest PDF catalogue here.

PPW POLYPLAN Werkzeuge catalogue

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