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Injection packers 13 mm STAINLESS STEEL

Order no.: R1013, R1013L

  • Zoom: Injection packers 13 mm STAINLESS STEEL
    Zoom: Injection packers 13 mm STAINLESS STEEL

  • Item description

    High-pressure packers for concrete injections or synthetic resin injections.

    Injection packers 1013 to 1017 are suitable for particularly high pressing power.
    Injection packers 1010 and 1008 can only absorb lower pressure because of their thinner rubber. They are especially suitable for small cracks or where drilling would cause damage, e.g. on tiles and stones.
    Injection packers 1019 should be used whenever deep drilling and high pressing power are necessary due to corroding concrete.

    All injection packers are fitted with cone-head nipples (NK-nipple) suitable both for low pressure and high pressure operation. Since they get unscrewed in any case prior to the injection process, cone-head nipples are added loosely to each box of injection-packers.

    Upon request we deliver the injection packers with
    N-nipple (high-pressure nipple).

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    These offered injection packers are always on stock but we can manufacture every size and length you require.

    Item details

    all metal parts are made of stainless steel! Suitable for bore holes with 14 mm Diameter, thread M6, nipple thread M6 - with low-pressure cone head nipple (R1013NK)

    Order no.

    dia in mm length in mm Price EUR
    (excl. Vat)


    13 90 3,05


    13 115 3,78




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