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Low-pressure cone-head nipples NK

Order no.: 1017NK, 1013NK, 1019NK, 1146NK

  • Zoom: Low-pressure cone-head nipples NK
    Zoom: Low-pressure cone-head nipples NK

  • Item description

    The low-pressure cone-head nipple is suitable for all PPW injection packers for low pressure and high pressure.
    Problems could be caused by positioning the nipple opening opening vertically or slanting upward and using viscous injection resin at the same time. In this case we would recommend to cone-head nipples for high pressure.

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    Item details

    with loose ball, shortened spring, passivated yellow, opening up at approx. 1 bar and closing by the centered ball.

    Order no.

    thread usable for Price EUR
    (excl. Vat)


    M5 drill hole packers (1008), (1010), (1016), (1017) 0.28


    M6 drill hole packers (1013) + extension tube (1145) 0.23


    M7 drill hole packers (1019) 0.25


    M8 x 1,0 adhesion packer (1131), (1135), (1138), (1140) 0.23




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