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Large area roller

Order no.: 3140P, 3160P, 3199P

  • Zoom: Large area roller
    Zoom: Large area roller

  • Item description

    hard-wearing design, approx. 50 mm ~2 inch internal diameter. The core is made of solvent-resistant, plastic saturated hard paper. The advantage compared to a plastic tube is, that the roller will remain stiff. The roller does not wield, does not deform and the liquid coatings are not shifted.

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    fitting on U-shaped roller frame 3240U, 3260U e.g. 3299U

    Item details

    Perlon pile 18 mm ~3/4 inch pile, twisted, ends roughened, superior material absorption, for good coating heights

    Order no.

    width in cm width in inch


    40 16


    60 24


    100 40




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