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Spike slipper with blunt spikes

Order no.: 3700S

  • Zoom: Spike slipper with blunt spikes
    Zoom: Spike slipper with blunt spikes

  • Item description

    To walk on fresh coatings:
    These slippers are for walking on higher layers and are suitable for uneven floors. Due to the recessed set screws the spikes provide even more stability. A better support is ensured by the robust raised edges. The straps can be fixed easily and do not pass underneath the sole.

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    to requip the slippers new, 22 replacement Spikes (3800SS) per pair of slippers are reuqired.

    Item details

    to walk on fresh coated roofs, with 24 mm long blunt hardened steel spikes and straps with velcro fastener




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