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Mobile dispersion hobbit

Order no.: 175

  • Zoom: Mobile dispersion hobbit
    Zoom: Mobile dispersion hobbit

  • Item description

    German utility model - By means of the mobile dispersion hoppit (175) it is really easy to materials for floor coating e.g. liquid plastics on surfaces. Up to now, liquid plastics have been poured from a mixing container onto the surface by two workers bending down. Due to the construction of the dispersion hoppit, it is possible for only one worker to apply up to 100 kg of the material while the second worker spreads the material with a scraper - this saves labour and is spine-friendly. The hoppit is emptie by means of an evacuation cock, which can be operated easily from the place of mixing to the place of work. Emptying occurs by means of an evacuation cock, which can be handled easily from the upper rim of the mobile dispersion hoppit. It is therefore possible to regulate the flow of the material.

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    Item details

    The container is made of solvent-resistant polyethylene and has a maximum capacity 60 litre volume (this equates to approximately 100 kg of finished compound). Empty weight: approx. 15 kg, measurements: 75 cm ~30 inch high including lever, 45 cm ~17 7/8 inch wide, 75 cm ~30 inch deep




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