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Order no.: 2200

  • Zoom: Mortar-mixing-cart

  • Item description

    The Mortar-Mixing-Cart (2200) makes it possible to mix approx. 50 kg synthetic- or mineralbounded mortar (for so called Stone carpets) homogeneously in two - three minutes. Due to the total height of the Cart the mortar can be evacuated directly into a push cart or barrel. To do this the evacuation shutter in the mixing drum is opened while the mixing apparatus is rotating and the mortar falls from the mixing drum into the positioned transport device, maximum height 65 cm ~25 5/8 inch. The mortar-mixing-cart can easily be cleaned. You can simply take out the square axel drive shaft from the gearing out of the mixing drum. Transportation of the mortar-mixing-cart a passenger car is possible, because you can unscrew the legs of the cart.
    Technical data
    Supply voltage: 230 V/50 Hz
    Nominal capacity: 1,1 kW
    Nominal current: 9,0 A
    Protective system: IP 54
    Speed of mixing apparatus: 35 rotations / min

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